@NickiMinaj Reveals Cover Art for Single ‘Anaconda’

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Yesterday, Nicki Minaj had the social media on a booming level of thirst. Zooming in, licking screens, Lord knows what else…

Minaj reveals the cover art to track Anaconda, which was set to release July 28, but however got leaked already.

The picture basically is the backwards version of the most talked about pose that fired up the comparison between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj.

I will say, the Jordan’s and the thong is screaming ratchet, but because it’s Nicki, and because her derrière is extremely hard not to look at, it’s tolerable… Right?

There has been a lot of controversy arguing if the picture is appropriate or not because of the example she gives to the kids who look up to her… But at the end of the day, who really keeps things PG? That’s a debate that’ll never seize.

On another note… Enjoy the view.


@TeyanaTaylor, @ElleVarner and More Join For Private Screening of ‘The Knick’

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On a rainy day at the New York Academy of Medicine in Harlem, HBO/Cinemax hosted a special screening of The Knick, a new series premiering August 8th, starring Clive Owen and Andre Holland .

Myself, along with the honored attendees of this event received the opportunity to view the first two episodes of the season. I must say, I almost forgot it was a series… It was that good. Very gory, direct and extremely well produced. The show is so intriguing that it already got picked up for a second season and it didn’t even premiere yet!

A special Q&A and panel discussion followed, featuring one of the stars of the series, Andre Holland, who delivers an excelling performance as Dr. Algernon Edwards, a gifted African-American Harvard graduate who joins a team of surgeons, steered by Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen). The show sheds light on the voyage to save lives, revolutionize medicine, searching for acclamation in the shadows of corruption and discrimination at an economically challenged, all-white facility in 1900.

Attendees enjoyed a post-screening reception, which included a delectable buffet, drinks and a Jazz performance by Mo’ Betta Wu – featuring Amanda Seales, which is interestingly composed of remaking Wu Tang Clan classics into Jazz melodies (Fun Fact). I’ll keep those comments to myself though.

Talent flooded the place with some familiar faces such as Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Recording artists Elle Varner and Teyana Taylor and many more.

Check out some of the photos from the red carpet below. (Via Getty by J. Countess)

20140725-164104.jpg(Ivy Rivera, Media Personality [myself])

20140725-164113.jpg(Andre Holland, Actor, and Co-Star of The Knick)

20140725-164119.jpg(Elle Varner, Recording Artist)

20140725-164128.jpg(Teyana Taylor, Recording Artist)

20140725-164134.jpg(Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Recording Artist)

20140725-164141.jpg(Daisha, Recording Artist)

20140725-164149.jpg(Amanda Seales, Media Personality)

#NewMusic: @AugustRigo – ‘Summer of 95′ The EP

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Now you know, many artists today are sampling classic songs from back in the day into their own to try and execute that feel good sound with their unique twist – but many also fail the true knowledge and appreciation of music from that time era… But that’s a different story for a different day.

If you are a true fan of that good ol’ face scrunching, body rolling, butterflies in your stomach when you hear the beat drop, 90’s R&B music, then you will love what I am here to introduce you to.

August Rigo, Toronto born Singer/Songwriter, recently has put out an EP that can be considered a tribute to some of the greatest R&B classics of the 90’s.

Entitled Summer of 95, he reincarnates a hand full of songs that we all love, putting his originality and a contemporary twist that makes it his own. Recreating songs such as Ginuwine’sPony‘, to D’Angelo’sBrown Sugar‘, Rigo takes us on a stroll… Not down memory lane, but his lane. Re-introducing himself as an artist… He presents to you Summer of 95.

Joseline Hernandez (@MsJoseline) Gets Booed & Saved By Stevie J (@HitManStevieJ)

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When I say I could not stop laughing… I could not stop laughing!

The “Puerto Rican Princess” can claim herself to be all the princess she wants to be and name herself the baddest bitch in the game but, lets all be honest.. This child of God has zero talent when it comes to creating music. Hernandez only gets the numbers she gets because she’s a successful sidechick turned wife and has a following that thrives off her reckless behavior.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez performed live at Medusa Lounge in Dallas, Texas and got booed so bad that Stevie J had to come and save her sad ass. Just watch!! Skip to the 2:44 mark and enjoy this comedic scene.

#NewMusicVideo: Lumidee (@thereallumidee) ft. @BodegaBamz – Mars

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Is Lumidee making a comeback? With the recent release of about 4 singles with dope features like Chinx, I’m sitting back in curiosity to see how this turns out.
Don’t sleep- just because you may know her for her hit single Never Leave You (Uh Oh) which came out in 2003, doesn’t mean she stopped there. But this single.. Just might give her some heavy feedback for it has been released in perfect timing.
Featuring Bodega Bamz, this summertime feel of a song with a sampled beat by Clipse’s ‘Grindin’, Lumidee represents her culture and her hometown as she vibes out to this catchy track.
I’m pretty sure this was filmed around the time of the Puerto Rican day parade so it makes sense why all the flags are shown… Lumidee as a dog walker though? Hilarious but cute haha. Check it out



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