Live From Lantana x AKOO

Lantana x Tea Time with Ivy

With Cincinnati Rapper, Lantana, preparing to release his mixtape ‘Live From Lantana‘ for the new year (January 7th to be exact), he has been making moves to make sure the people know he is next up. Having his single ‘All Hustle, No Luck (Remix)’ receive heavy rotation on the radio, he is creating a huge buzz before his grand entrance into the new year.

Today, AKOO Clothing Co. had a “Lifestyle Photo Shoot”, featuring none other than Lantana himself; in essence of the release of his new mixtape, which was playing throughout the entire session, intertwining the cultures of fashion, music, and art. There were bloggers in attendance, photographers, delectable snacks and plenty to drink. I had gotten the opportunity to sit with the artist himself and get a little into his state of mind… Check it out:

IR: I know you’ve been doing a lot right now, (“Rappin,”) ha, hustlin’ no luck right? (“Haha yea no luck”) What does that mean to you?

L: Really man, all hustle no luck is just to not wait, wish or hope for nothing that you want out of life but to make reality out of every dream. I’m not going to say that there’s no luck out here but most luck is something that you created you know? You put your work in to put yourself in the position to get something like that. So its not that I don’t believe in luck, we just not gon’ be depending on nothing “lucky” to happen. We not finna be sittin up hopin’ someone gon’ give us some money, we not finna be sittin up waiting for nothin you know? All hustle no luck.

IR: Do you feel that there are artists in the game who just got lucky?

L: I mean nah, you know.. not even to say that cuz sometimes it be just meant to be and every artist, if they got to a certain level of success put in some work. Even if they had people behind them or whatever, they still had to put in some work so you can’t really say they just got lucky.

IR: I know this song you just put out, ‘All Hustle No Luck’ has a remix with Yo Gotti and big featured artists. Do you feel because of that, it kind of drowns out your identity as an artist being that you are up and coming compared to the level they’re in in this game?

L: I feel like that’s just the nature of the world when they see artists that they’re already familiar with. But, when they hear the song they gon’ be able to tell the difference cuz its authentic, it’s ME! It’s Lantana you know what I’m sayin, like, when I say “Cincinnati since my momma had me”, they gon’ know. They will be able to tell the difference. Of course they gon’ see the big names, but they gon’ know.

IR: You know that there’s a lot of competition in the Hip Hop world; what is your master plan to climb your way to the top?

L: Just be me. I think people are always in the competition trying to better than the next man but I’m just trying to be the best me. I’m just gonna keep making people accept me for me and my passion for it [music]. You know, I love it so much, you know, everything that has to do with it, and that’s just what’s gonna set me apart.

IR: So, Live From Lantana is coming out at the top of the year, what can we expect from this project?

L: You know, Live From Lantana comes out January 7th… and you can just expect a real authentic Cincinnati sound. You know what I mean, it’s not going to be a side that you heard before, it’s going to be what I’ve been going through since I’ve been signed, and just like, stories from where I’m from in Cincinnati… and you’re just going to get good music.

IR: What is the influence behind all of the songs that you write?

L: Everything that I’ve gone through, that’s why it’s Live From Lantana. It’s live from whatever I;m going through at that moment or it;s about feelings. Like, with me it ain’t about being the most witty or saying something crazy, it’s about the feeling, foreal. 

IR: What’s your plan once your mixtape releases?

L: Push! I’m going to put out some new singles, and just push. Like, I’m still at that point where I’m getting people to know me cuz you know, coming from Cincinnati I’m the first artist to be in this type of light, so y’all not really familiar with it so I’ma just push. I’m going to make more videos, put out more music, make that XXL Freshman cover, you know what I mean? You can’t stop what don’t stop, so I just ain’t gon stop.

IR: I know in your hometown, you’ve been getting awards and recognitions from The Ohio House of Representatives, how did you feel knowing that you were being awarded in your own turf for what you do?

L: Its great man. If it wasn’t for rap my other options wasn’t going to be all to great; and I just came from being locked up, you know what I mean? I did 4 years. But then like last month I got a certificate from State Representatives just acknowledging my success so its like man, I really came a long way, so I’m proud but I know there’s a lot more that I need to do.

IR: Do you feel music was what changed your ways in life?

L: Yea man, music… like that’s what it is! Like when I first started rapping I loved it but when I was away, it just gave me a new appreciation for things you know? Like if you got a talent don’t waste it. That’s why I be so adamant when I say all hustle no luck. Like, when I see little kids and they play basketball it’s like, Are you practicing? Everyday?! Are you really on it? Its like if you have a certain talent don’t take that for granted you know, so I just appreciate it…

Lantana definitely seems to have his head on right and is motivated to go to the top. With that being said, if you don’t know who Lantana is, you probably have heard his song before but just didn’t know it was him. Then again, you may not be listening because he says his name is the beginning of almost every verse, haha! Best of luck to him and his career; and shout out to AKOO Clothing Co. and the go-getters I met within this small yet tasteful event.

Don’t forget to look out for LIVE FROM LANTANA January 7th!! With amazing features by Yo Gotti, Bun B, Pusha T, and more, I got an exclusive listen, and I will not steer you wrong. Ivy supports good music, especially from people who have a good soul.

Lantana x Tea Time with Ivy

(Yes, we took some selfies… lol)

Lantana x Tea Time with Ivy


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